Presentations 18-19/01/2014

Saturday  January 18 2014

EU – Structure and Functions

Spyros Roukanas, Lecturer, DIES, University of Piraeus, “The EU and the Financial Crisis”

Nicoletta Petropoulou, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 6th Primary School of Amaliada, “In favour of which Europe do you speak my teacher?”

Kristi Folia, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 12th Primary School of Peristeri, ‘Unity in Diversity’

Europe, Education Policy and Digital Learning

Foteini Asderaki, Lecturer, DIES, University of Piraeus, “The Educational Policy and the Digital Agenda, Trends – Developments’’

Charalampos Gkousios , Associate Professor, DIES, University of Piraeus & Spyros Siakas , Professor, TEI of Athens, “The utilization of animation in the teaching process”

Dimitrios Maragkos, MA, State Scholarship Foundation’s Contact Person, “The European Erasmus+ Programme: Comenius”

Demetra – Elli Zochiou, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 6th Primary School of Corfu, “Getting students to EU through ICT”

Calliope Kafetzaki, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 2nd Elementary School of Agios Nickolaos, «The fascinating world of fairytales in Europe»

Presentation of Websites and Web Material for the EU

Where can I find information about Europe? EuropeDirect-ELIAMEP

Websites for EU, Eleni Tsami

Ismene Kavvadi, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, Teacher, 2nd Elementary School of Psaxna Evia, «EU through Video animation»

Marianna Martini, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, Professor of English, 12th Elementary School Galatsiou, “EU through an Interactive Game”

Chryssoula Semeli Misailidi, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, Teacher, “United in diversity – common currency and flag”

Sunday  January 19 2014

Teaching Europe through Art

Charis Mavroudi, Teacher, “Child Museum – Exploitation of Art as a medium of instruction of the EU»

Anatoli Vrocharidou, Head of School Activities Chios, Doctoral Student, University of the Aegean, “The Virtual Museum»

Sylvie Dufresne, Teacher of French, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, Elementary School of Valira Messinia, “Singing Children’s rights”

Georgia Karela, Teacher, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 4th Primary School Halandriou, “Creating a File with works of European artists”

Maria Kosmidou, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 3rd Primary School of Halastra, “Teaching Europe through dance”

European and International Programmes

Eirini Pateraki, National Support Service «The E-twinning Programme»

Maria Rellia, “B.E.S.T. Teacher”, 1st Primary School of Karpenisi, «E-Twinning – Meet my country»

Presentations 10-11/05/2014

Saturday 10th May 2014

The EU of teachers

Fragkoula Kouskourida, “The teachers as  European citizens and the
possibilities of improvement of their academic profile through this attribute”

Europe at Schools

Anastasia Fakidou, School advisor of elementary education of
Karditsa, “A dream full of… Europe”

Paraskevi Karipidou, 7th Primary School of Giannitsa Pellas, “Trip &
Tail EU Comic”

Stavroula Xiftidi, 2nd Primary School of Atalanti, “Europe is Recycling”

Ioannis Stefas, Primary School of Isthmia, “Looking for Europe!”

Το αβέβαιο βήμα της ευρωπαϊκής ενοποίησης

Ευρώπη, Europe, Educational Policy and Policies of Digital Learning

Charalampos Gkousios, Associate Professor, DIES, University of
Piraeus & Spiros Siakas, Professor of Applications at Technological Educational Institute of Athens, “Utilization of the principles of animation in the instructive process”

Efthimia Tsolakidou, Georgia Kazakou, Marina Kazakou, B.E.S.T.
Teacher, “MOOCS for teachers”

Irini Mamakou, Senior Teaching Fellow, DIES, University of Piraeus,
“Applications of contemporary learning methods at the elementary education”

Symeon Tsamksoglou, 4th Primary School of Keratsini, “Comenius-Knowing me, knowing you, knowing our roots for the future”

Children’s rights / Bullying at schools

Pavlos Salichos, Psychologist and Stephanos Alevizos, Psychologist,
NGO “The Smile of the Child”

Elpida Pafiti,  2nd Primary School of Nea Chalkidona and Panagiota
Chachampi, post-graduate student, “Bullying at school”

Stella Karatza, Teacher, Primary School of Ancient Corinth”, PhD
Candidate, UOA, “Comic against bullying at school”


Sunday 11th May  2014

Διδάσκοντας την Ευρώπη μέσω της Τέχνης (Α’ μέρος)

International Workshops

The European Union as a global player (Room 102)
Andreas Liaropoulos, Lecturer, DIES, University of Piraeus, «The crisis in Ukraine and the EU’s reaction»

ΕU – Turkey-Greece  (Room 103) Dionysius Tsirigotis, Lecturer, DIES, University of Piraeus”

EU – Energy Security (Room 104) Thanassis Dagoumas, Lecturer, DIES, University of Piraeus

Evagoras Evagorou, Lecturer, DIES, University of Piraeus: “10 years from the accession of Cyprus to the EU: Lessons and Prospects (Room 105)”

The rising of extreme right parties in Europe (Room 106) Nick Charalampopoulos, PhD Candidate, DIES, University of Piraeus”

Teaching Europe through Art (Part 2)

Varvara Dilari: «The culture Culture Impetus for Sustainable Development»”

Varbara Dilari: “Heritage in International Organizations”

Varbara Dilari: “Following the Patrimonito”

Lambrini Trivella: “Education – Culture – Economy One way to recovery according to Unesco”

Alexander Eykleidis, Director of National Opera, «Educational Programs and Activities of the National Opera»

Athina Panou, Archeologist – Museologist, Head of Permanent Collection of Municipal Gallery of Piraeus & Irene Simigdala, Conservator for works of art, Maker of Copies

Zabel Mouratian, Educator – Museologist, Chairman of Administrative Council, Greek Children’s Museum, «The educational and social role of the museum. The work of Greek Children’s Museum»

Maria Drakaki, Β.Ε.S.T. Teacher, Counselor of Elementary School Education, Heraklion Crete, «SMEC PROJECT: Experience from a seminar adult education in a large museum in Europe. Starting from the BEST…. »