YouthActiv Short Films

During the YouthActiv programme implemented by the University of Piraeus the following videos were created! The main topic was the Idea of  the European Union. Students from 7 different High Schools of Greece under the supervision of the NGO Balkans Beyond Borders had a conversation about Europe and in the end they…created! All the movies were extraordinary, with students, teachers and parents taking the roles of actors! See below what Europe means for the YouthActiv kids!

The Oscar of the best YouthActiv short film movie goes to … the movie “All for an empty … tunic?” from the Experimental High School of the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

The special Animation Film prize goes to the movie  “Europe and I” of the student Petros Baltas of the Secondary Art School of Gerakas, Athens

The rest of the movies:

“Europe and I”, Experimental General High School “Ionidios School of Piraeus”

“YouthActiv Project”, Vocational High School of Oropos- Markopoulo, Athens

“What I want from the European Union?” 5th High School of Ilion, Athens

What we want from the European Union?” Greek- French School “Saint Paul”, Piraeus

“European Union in youth lives”,  Experimental High School of the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

“Poverty in Europe”, Alexandra Pasadaki, 11th High School of Heraklion, Crete