gousiosCharalampos Gkousios is an Associate Professor at the Piraeus University and a Key Academic staff member in the project. He is teaching French language and Terminology of international relations, international and European institutions, international and European politics and economic relations and the applications of new technologies of teaching the foreign languages and terminology. Since 2007 he is the Erasmus and Erasmus placement mobility programs coordinator of the department of International and European studies [University of Piraeus]. He is also an accredited teachers’ trainer concerning the appliance of new technologies and asynchronous platforms at the educational process. Since 2011 he is a member of scientific and didactic stuff in numerous of Jean Monnet European programs. Finally he is a fellow at the Research Unit on Rhetoric, Communication and Persuasion of the Centre on International and European Affairs, specialized in Research concerning France.


University of Piraeus
Office: 405, Androutsou 150
Tel.: 210 414-2734 
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