Mytilene, 18 May 2015

mitilini 1On Monday 18th of 2015, an event was conducted with the subject “New strategies and opportunities for Education. The meaning of active citizen and the European Year of Development 2015.”, which was organized by Europe Direct of Norther Aegean, European Jean Monnet Chair and the Laboratory of Educational policy, Research, Development and Inter-University Cooperation (ERDIC) of the Department of International and European Studies of University of Piraeus. The event attended teachers of the area.

In the beginning of the event the Assistant Professor of University of Piraeus and Direvtor of the Laboratory, Dr. Foteini Asderaki, gave a speech with title “The role of Education for the issues that concern the development and active citizen of the world: the activities of E.U.”.

Later, Mrs Vera Dilari , Deputy of National Coordinator of ASPnet of Greece from the department of International Relations, Directorate of European and International Issues, Ministry of Culture, Educations and Religion, delivered a speech with title: “Education for the global active citizen in the International Organizations”.

The event was completed with Mr Panagiotis Grigoriou, who is a Professor in the University of Aegean, Dean of School of Social Sciences of University of Aegean and holds a Jean Monnet Chair in the University of Aegean. The tilte of his speech was “ The deficit of a common european education and the weakness of promotion of common European, Cultural and Political values”.