Bringing Europe To School Teachers

The aim of the training program was to “Bring Europe to School Teachers” and consequently to students, by educating and training 125 Teachers of Primary Education of all specialisations, Master Students of Departments of Primary Education or International and European Studies and PhD Candidates, in the field of studies of Education or European Integration or development of IT in educational act.

University of Piraeus
Department of International and European Studies

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The training was completed by workshops for teaching European Integration with the use of IT. Emphasis was given to the production of primary material from the Scientific Team of the Program (e-book and e-game), adjusted to the needs of the Greek Schools and the feedback from the teachers, with the aim of improving it.

The B.E.S.T. program and the material that was produced from the Scientific Team of the Program helped the familiarization of the Teachers and the Students with the process of European Integration and the route of Greece towards this process. In the meantime, the Teachers, through this training, acquired knowledge on European educational programs, which they could leverage for the improving of their educational task and their personal professional upgrade.

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