Postgraduate Programme


The Department of International and European Studies of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies of the University of Piraeus organizes and operates a Postgraduate Program (Master) under the title “International and European Policies on Education, Training and Research”, for the academic year 2015-2016.
The object of the Postgraduate Program is to educate and improve knowledge and skills of the following specializations:

  • Teachers of elementary and secondary education of all specializations
  • Teachers and trainers of training bodies
  • Universities’ and Technological Institutions’ Executives
  • Executives from the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, Local Authorities Bodies (1st and 2nd degree)
  • Business Executives dealing with human resources, education, training and research programs and programs of the European Social Fund
  • Researchers and employees in research centers
  • Employees in Private Education and Training Institutions and NGOs
  • Social Enterprises’ Executives
  • Public policies and journalists analysts’ with relevant topics of interest
  • Those interested in working abroad in national and European institutions and research centers, in relative subjects of education, training and research


Provision of expertised knowledge in the fields of educational policies, training and research towards their international and European dimension.
Training of executives with the objective of developing the country of Greece and educating its citizens.
Development of teachers and executives’ existing abilities, knowledge and experiences towards the evaluation of complex issues with interdisciplinary approach
Familiarisation with methodology issues and with current researches in the scientific fields of their interest
Enforcement of theirs skills regarding scheduling and application of policies and scheduling and submission of international and European programs.

Finally, the Master Program is ideal for executives planning a high level professional career in the public or private sector, in multinational enterprises, in international organizations and European bodies and institutions dealing with education, training and research.


The Postgraduate Program for the acquisition of Diploma of Expertise is divided in three (3) semesters. The postgraduate students may attend and successfully being examined in six (6) obligatory and four (4) optional courses as well as submit their dissertation. The Master Diploma of Expertise includes 90 ECTS credits.

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