Postgraduate Programme


The Postgraduate Program is divided in three (3) semesters. The postgraduate students may attend and successfully being examined in six (6) obligatory and four (4) optional courses as well as submit their dissertation during the third semester. The Master Diploma of Expertise includes 90 ECTS credits.

Core Courses

1st Semester

  • International and European Institutions
  • European Policies for Education, Training, Youth and Sport
  • Research Methodology
  • Elective
  • Elective

2nd Semester

  1. International Organizations, Education and Development
  2. International and European Research Policy
  3. Quality Assurance in Education, Training and Research
  4. Elective
  5. Elective

Elective Courses

(2 per semester)

  • Policies for Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication
  • Armed conficts and education
  • Special issues of European Policy: Migration and inclusion policies
  • Education, Democracy and Human Rights
  • Education and Economic Development
  • Strategic Development for Educational Units/ School Leadership
  • Adult Education and Life Long Learning
  • Education, Art, Civilization and Science Diplomacy
  • Internationalization of Higher Education: The European Higher Education Area and the Regional Partnerships
  • State and Educational Institutions - 'Smart Cities and Regions’
  • Education, Training, Labor Market and Entrepreneurship
  • New Technologies in Education and Administration Units
  • Digital Learning: Policies and Implementation
  • Dimension of Education and Training in the Social Economy
  • Comparison of European Educational Systems
  • International and European Environmental Policies and Sustainable Development in Education

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