On 16th and 17th of January 2016 was held at Titania hotel the two-days educational programs '' Teachers4Europe" and " European Parliament School Ambassadors Program” . The educational activities were organized by the European Commission Representation in Greece and the European Parliament Office in Greece

with the support of the EduTV of the Ministry of Education and the Laboratory of Educational Policies, Research, Development and Inter-University Cooperation (ERDIC) of the Department of International and European Studies, Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies of the University of Piraeus.

In the event attended as guest speakers Mr. Dimitris Papadimoulis, Vice President European Parliament and MEP SYRIZA and Mr. Notis Marias, Independent MEP with the Political Group of European Conservatives and Reformists-ECR. The educational activity attended 100 secondary school teachers who actively participated in interactive workshops, group discussions and lectures.

The goal of the project "Teachers 4 Europe" is to contribute to better inform participants on the developments of European issues and to support them to improve their skills by applying to education innovative and alternative methods of teaching, which will contribute to address the educational challenges and utilize information and communication technologies.

The pilot project "European Parliament School Ambassadors Program" is supported by the Ministry of Education and with the active participation of the Laboratory of Educational policies, Research, Development and Inter-University Cooperation (ERDIC) of the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus and with the participation of the Educational Radio and Television of the Ministry of Education. The program aims to promote the values ​​of European parliamentary democracy, and the information and visibility of the institutional role of the European Parliament. The project addresses to teachers (Senior Ambassadors) and students (Junior Ambassadors) of the two highest grades of the Lyceum.

During the first day the teachers were invited to actively participate in an experiential workshop which was coordinated by Mr. Panagiotis Anastasiadis, Professor of the Pedagogical Department of the University of Crete. Then there were the introductory presentations of the projects “Teachers4Europe" and "European Parliament School Ambassadors Program" by Mr. Argyris Peroulakis, Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Greece and Mr. Leonidas Antonacopoulos, Head and Representative the European Parliament Office in Greece. After that, teachers attended the lectures of academics on "History and Evolution of the EU" and "The institutional system and ways of making decisions. Priorities of the European Parliament and the European Commission" by Foteini Asderaki, Assistant Professor, Department of BITs University Piraeus and Nicholas Lymouris, Guest Researcher of the University of Peloponnese.

On the second day teachers attended the lecture on "Contemporary Challenges for the EU: Problems of M. East, Turkey and the refugee crisis" by Fotini Asderaki and Nikolaos Raptopoulos, Assistant Professors of the Department of DIES of the University of Piraeus. Later, Sofia Papadimitriou, Head of the EduTV presented the "Good Practices of exploiting Video in Learning" and Marianthi Karatsiori and Katerina Chatzipetrou presented "European policy on literacy in the media." Later on, the participants had the opportunity to attend two workshops of the EduTV on "Practical Tips for creating student films" by Mr. Christos Rachiotis and the "Introduction to performance & videoart» by Mr. Panagiotis Daramaras and to participate in a Simulation of the European Parliament, which was coordinated by the Institute for Research and Training on European Affairs.

In the end, instructions and guidance were given to teachers both for the use of the electronic platform and the actions that will need to carry out in their schools with their students.

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