imageOn Wednesday 30rd of March 2016, the Laboratory of Turkish and Eurasian Studies of the Department of International and European Studies of University of Piraeus, with Director the Assistant Professor Nikolaos Raptopoulos, organized the conference titled “Turkey and the strategic upheavals of a transitioning region” that took place in the Conference Room of the University of Piraeus. The event honored with their presence numerous academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The event opened with the greetings of the Rector of the University of Piraeus, Professor N. Georgopoulos, the Dean of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies, Professor A. Kotios and the President of the Department of International and European Studies, Professor Aristotle Tziampiris.

During the scientific conference, the undergraduate students of the laboratory gave speeches, as well as, academics of the department. The Director of the Laboratory of Education Policy, Research, Development and Interuniversity Cooperation (ERDIC) of the Department of International and European Studies, Assistant Professor F. Asderaki was participating in the Third Session of the scientific conference with title “Upheavals in East Mediterranean, the Cyprus Dispute and the E.U.” with speech “Migration crisis: a window of chance or a new obstacle for the (re)approach EU – Turkey?”.