Seminar: “The dilemma of young researchers, staying or leaving?”

DSC 0055The seminar “The dilemma of young researchers, staying or leaving?” took place at the Conference Hall of the University of Piraeus, on the 6th of December. The seminar was organized by the Laboratory of Eastern Mediterranean, Middle and Major East: Economy - Politics - Civilization (ΕΜΜΜΕ:EPC), the Laboratory of Education Policy, Research, Development and Interuniversity Cooperation (ERDIC) and the Jean Monnet Chair on European Union’s Education, Training, Research and Innovation Policies of the Department of International and European Studies, of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies, University of Piraeus.

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Eramsus+: Mobility and Training

erasmusOn the 8th of November, Dimitris Marangos, representative of Team Europe Greece, presented a presentation on the opportunities for youth mobility and training through Erasmus+ programs in the framework of the open course "Education, Training, Research and Innovation in the EU" . The open lesson is coordinated by the Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies for Education, Training, Research and Innovation.